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There are times when it makes sense to be discrete, until you find your inner strength so that you feel empowered enough to share your thoughts, feelings and beliefs without wavering, even in the face of challenge by another. At other times, we benefit ourselves and others by taking a risk and allowing the inner lotus blossom of our true Self to shine forth, for all to behold. :Pages-83-85.

Have you been hiding in the spiritual closet, beloved? Sometimes it makes sense to avoid sharing your thoughts and feelings about spiritual beliefs and other personal matters until they are clearer in your own mind. However there are also times when hiding your deepest truths away from the world will no longer protect you but actually hold you back from living your divine destiny, shining the lotus light of your own Soul and walking your path in the world.

This does not mean that you have to make a grand announcement (unless that is what is in your heart!) but it does suggest that there is something within you that you could share with another or be more open about in your life more generally. It might be a talk with a loved one about some significant feelings that you have kept to yourself or beginning to be more open about your beliefs and your abilities.

Once you put your energy into the world, you magnetically attract like-minded souls into your life which will then encourage you to share yourself even more. Don’t worry if there are those that seem to be challenged or threatened by your beliefs. They don’t have to have the same beliefs as you for you (and them) to be safe and loved and on the Spiritual Path (which is unique for all of us). You and others can benefit greatly from you staying true to your heart and at the same time, being open to the fact that they will have their own truths that may differ to yours, and that is just the way it is. You don’t have to convince others or be convinced of anything yourself, all you need to do is listen to your own heart.

If there is something that you have been holding within, you are guided to listen to your heart for the right time and the best way to share it. Let the lotus light of your own heart, your own Soul, your own inner truths, shine openly, beloved. Be gentle with yourself and know that you have a right to be here on this planet in your own truth and that no matter what the response, whether a response of affirmation and love, or a response of discomfort, your truth serves the greater good. Trust in the strength of this lotus light shining. It is more powerful than fear or doubt. It will light your way more deeply on to your spiritual path of peace, purpose and power.


Take a moment to stand or sit comfortably making sure you have adequate room to move your arms. If you cannot do this healing physically for any reason, then imagine it taking place in your mind’s eye, visualising yourself doing the process energetically.

Quietly in your mind or aloud, affirm the following “I now choose to open my heart and reveal the lotus of truth and peace shining within. I choose to reveal my truth, based on unconditional love and non-judgment, I reveal it for the greatest good and I trust in the unfoldment of the Universe, blessed by the grace and mercy of Kuan Yin, so be it!”

Take a slow deep breath in and open your arms wide at the same time. Imagine the breath igniting the lotus in your heart, setting it alight and the heart lotus shining brightly like a star in the centre of your chest. You may feel emotion releasing, just let it come and go as you breathe in and out with your arms wide for a few moments.

Then on a slow deep out breath, lift your arms and imagine the lotus of the heart shining light out to the Universe with love. Then with your arms high, and looking slightly up say, “I am safe in my truth, I reveal myself with love, it is safe and fun to be me. My lotus light shines forth to benefit all humanity!”


Beloved Kuan Yin, mother of mercy and compassion, bless me with divine timing and divine words, that I may express myself truthfully and well, and that my truths may be healing for all concerned, for the highest good, so be it! Bless my lotus heart, with shining peace and love. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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