:~28~-JULY~-2019: KUAN-YIN-ORACLE.



When the Soul is ready to spread its wings, it goes through a deep cleansing, purification and preparation for new levels of spiritual wisdom, power and light. Just like the Phoenix that is baptised through celestial fire to be born anew, you are going through such a phase of heavenly purification, preparation and initiation. This is an advanced phase of soul growth and soon after you will enjoy greater spiritual peace, divine power and advancement on your divine life path. Kuan Yin, Daughter of the Phoenix, has been through fire both physical and heavenly and has ascended into a position of great spiritual peace, power and authority. She guides you now to claim your rebirth and ascend. :PAGES-29-31.

In the same way that if we were moving house, we would need to sort through our possessions and sometimes it is an opportunity to let go of that which we do not wish to take with us into our new life, as we prepare to move into a higher level of consciousness, there are old habits, stuck emotions and stagnant energy that do no belong in our new life cycle.

The path of purification and initiation by celestial fire is preparation for spiritual enlightenment, greater happiness, wellbeing, prosperity, success, spiritual responsibility and leadership. It can be a challenging time as that which would stand in the way of a new level of spiritual potency must be eliminated, and often these things are deep fears, doubts or questions about our own worth and ability. It can feel confronting to meet these parts of ourselves consciously. Yet we cannot let go if we don’t even realise what we are still holding on to within us. This initiation will help you release any old baggage or pain that will not resonate with the higher levels of light that you are preparing to live. It can feel challenging at times but know that there is nothing wrong. There is actually something very right behind these experiences.

Do not fear the challenges. You would not be taking these ‘spiritual exams’ if you were not ready to live at a higher spiral of consciousness. Have some faith in your own progress and remember not to get attached to what is ‘leaving’ your consciousness as you are preparing to ascend. Letting go of old energies with trust, even if you do not always consciously understand what is happening, is the quickest way to be able to ascend easily and gracefully.

To pass this initiation and benefit from it, we must be prepared to surrender that which needs to be burned away. Kuan Yin, Daughter of the Phoenix, guides you to have faith and fearless trust that it is safe to let heavenly fire have its way, so that you may rise up anew into your spiritual destiny.

The initiation is in its final phases when you are able to put your new beliefs and talents to the test, living based on your spiritual principles of trust, faith and love. No matter what its presented now, it is an opportunity for you to apply your spiritual values and live your life accordingly. Then the celestial fire will have soon done its work and you will arise like a glorious phoenix, ready for a new life.


Sit quietly with your eyes closed and see, sense, feel or intend that there is a column of fire descending from above your head, all around you and through the centre of your being until it burns with spiritual love high above your head, and deep into the earth, with you at its centre.

Say, “I now release with trust and peace, any energy, chord or attachment that no longer serves my soul ascension into the next level of divine light and embodiment. I call upon Beloved Daughter of the Phoenix and Heavenly Fire, Kuan Yin, to bless and assist me now.”

Be aware of a soft light that begins to glow within the centre of the column of fire. This is Kuan Yin. Imagine her as a magnificent phoenix goddess, with wings and a heart of divine fire. She rises up, pulling you toward her and then all becomes very peaceful as she steps out of the fire as a gentile feminine goddess. Allow her light to soothe you and lift you out of the fire into peace with Her. Imagine shedding old energies and emerging new and refreshed with her light cocooning you, protecting and supporting you as you grow. All is well beloved.


Divine Daughter of the Phoenix, Mistress of Heavenly Fire, Kuan Yin, your light of peace and grace sustains me through the trials of my growth, may I be lifted by your luminous beauty into peace, may I feel rapture and excitement rather than fear and doubt as I grow. May I learn to release old pain without getting caught up in stories or history. May I have compassion for my own suffering as I release it with peace and love. May I live according to my truths, applying my own spiritual wisdom in all parts of my life with courage and faith. Om Mani Padme Hum.

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