:~29~-JULY~-2019: KUAN-YIN-ORACLE.



It is good to remember that whilst we each take our own unique journey back into divine bliss and truth, we have plenty of friends that love us unconditionally and wish to help us find the way home with the least suffering and greatest joy. When we allow ourselves to be helped, we help others too. It is a spiral of support and love that is wishing to connect more so with you now. :PAGES-86-88.

Group energy is powerful. When used consciously, it can help us expand in the same way that if you were doing any task, many hands could make light work, as the saying goes. Well, many hands make lightwork too! Your energy can help nourish and lift the energy of others in a group as you are able to carry a high vibration of love in your heart.

The Ancient Chinese, over two thousand years ago, referred to the Pleiades as the Star Blossoms. These seven stellar sisters work together as a group higher consciousness to radiate great love and light on our planet and they can assist you now to find the light in the groups within which you share involvement.

It is service to connect with heart-centred groups that feel good and improve the quality of your life, and to be supported and supporting of such groups, and you are guided to allow this to happen more in your life right now. Solitary practice is an important element of growth and can be extremely powerful, but sometimes group energy is an important element of your spiritual growth too and you are encouraged to meditate, pray and chant with groups and communities that resonate with your heart.

Sometimes more spiritually advanced souls subconsciously feel that they need to carry the group energy themselves. You are guided to surrender any excessive responsibility, to assume your natural co-operation and perhaps even authority in the group, from a place of love rather than burden, and to allow yourself to be lifted as well as contributing your light and love to your chosen groups and communities. The Sisters of the Star Blossoms know that group energy is give and take, that when we allow ourselves to thrive, so too can the group gain energy and grow.

You are guided now to balance your involvement with group energy so that you have ample time in solitude, to know yourself as a unique divine being, and in group energy on the inner planes, calling on your spiritual guidance that loves you unconditionally,  and with group energy on the physical plane through groups that nourish you and love you in a way that feels good for you.

This oracle is also guidance to call upon stellar energies that are unconditionally loving and supportive and the appearance of the Sisters of the Star Blossoms indicates you have a soul connection that can nourish you to higher vibrational star consciousness such as that of the Pleiades.


Light a candle and sit quietly in a darkened room gazing at it. When you imagine that you can close your eyes and sill sense or see the candle in your mind or heart, say, “I now call upon the group energy that loves me unconditionally, I call upon the souls in this group energy and ask for your healing presence and love now, of my own free will, with Divine Kuan Yin to confirm, so be it.”

Be aware of the light of the candle and of a circle of light that forms around it. Imagine that light becoming the light of a star. You are in that circle of light, a Soul of divine essence. Around you there are guides and souls in the physical world that you may or may nor recognise, but send them love and be at peace, imagining that you are in this circle together, gathered around the candle.

Imagine that you all send love to the star-candle light, and the sense of it in your mind and in your heart begins to grow stronger, until you feel bathed with light within. Say, “Thank you for your healing sent with unconditional love, namaste.”

When you are ready, just open your eyes.


I call upon the unconditional love of the Sisters of the Star Blossoms and of Beloved Kuan Yin, please help me know when to step back and when to step forward into group energy. Help me rise above my fears of being lost or consumed or hurt, and help me not hide in a group either. Help me know my own light and be able to share it fearlessly and with mercy and compassion with others. Help me find my rightful place within group energy now beloveds, for the greatest good, so be it! Om Shanti.

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