Something good is coming your way! Kuan Yin urges you to wave your future into the present moment, to call in and draw to you the opportunities, teachings, circumstances and synchronicities waiting for you, that will enable your Soul to live its divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfilment. :PAGES-136-138.


Do you know how much the Divine wishes to support and assist you in living your heart’s truth this lifetime? Kuan Yin, with grace and compassion, wishes to help you ascend to the next level of your life expression so that your Soul light may shine more brightly on the planet and help you and other beings to live with more heart and less fear! You can choose to live a life infused with the golden energy of peace, prosperity, joy and creativity. A future so golden is being woven into your present moment now, like a tapestry, with the choices and actions that you make in this moment, you call into being the divine golden tapestry of future bliss. Clever you!

Kuan Yin is aware that there are opportunities and assistance waiting for you in your future embodiment. She wishes to assist you in drawing those future gifts into the present moment where they can be of most most use to you. This oracle indicates that there is something special waiting in the wings for you, and if you wish to do so, you can receive healing and elevate your vibration so that you are able to receive it more readily.

If you have been holding a secret wish in your heart, perhaps to publish a book, to be a healer, to teach or to write or sing, to attract a loving soul mate partnership, or to spiritually awaken at a deeper level, take a moment to feel what it would be like for that heart-felt wish to manifest right now. Can you imagine the joy of it? Can you also allow for that joy to be such a normal, ordinary occurrence, that it could be a part of your life right now? This is how you begin to weave that manifestation into this moment. Be bold. Dream big and imagine what it would feel like to live like your dreams. Can you begin to cultivate those feelings now irrespective of whether you see the manifestation in physical form or not as yet?

Sitting with joy in your heart, whether it relates to something specific or not, is magnetic to the good that the Universe wishes to deliver to you. It is like switching your inner light on a higher voltage so the special opportunities, perfect for you, can find their way to you more swiftly. And if your great good comes in an unexpected form but still feels wonderful, accept it! Your future golden will come into your life in the most beautiful ways, and usually if it is not exactly as we imagined it, it is even more perfect for us.


Imagine that you are sitting in a soft golden light. Kuan Yin is with you as a beautiful goddess, her eyes filled with love and encouragement. She gently motions ahead and you follow her gesture with your gaze. Before you, there is a a golden path and a beautiful shining sun at the end of the path.

Together you send love to the Sun and it draws closer to you. You feel your heart expand and live filling your being. Allow the love that you send to draw the Sun as close as possible. You might even be ready to dissolve yourself in the loving warmth of this Sun. It will feel energising and peaceful to do this. Visualise or feel the light of the Sun shining on you, on all beings, bringing peace and happiness. Imagine this feeling becoming stronger than any other feeling you have held in the past. Imagine feeling the Sun actually shining in your heart as you open your eyes.


Beloved Kuan Yin, thank you for being my spiritual witness–beyond time and space there is only love, truth, bliss and joy–and I now choose to dip into the waters of my own divine essence to call into the present moment the good that has vested for me spiritually. I ask for the grace, wisdom and skill needed to put his future good into perfect expression in the present moment. May I weave my future golden into this present moment. Thank you! Om Mani Padme Hum.

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